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Vfx, compositing showreel

Our VFX team has done a lot of magic in recent years for short films, feature films and commercials.
We try to join in the pre-production phase and then support the crew with VFX supervisor's support on set. Our work is an exciting challenge both in terms of technology and content! Check out our short summary of 2022:


Shaman, a sci-fi shortfim CGI breakdown

Working on a sci-fi short film is the dream job for any post house! We had the luck in 2022 to create the world of future-noir-apocalyptic-Budapest in Odegnal Robert's "Shaman".

We had to be creative working on such a large scale CGI project, with pretty low budget. Robert,
the director's vision was clear, his brilliant artwork, concepts, backgrounds, 3D models, and even his exact work helped the movie to come to life with a short deadline of 2-3 months.

We used lots of different techniques, like photogrammetry, miniature shooting and even ai generated textures besides hundreds of hours of compositing and matte painting.

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